Welcome! Benvinguts!

For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Marc, I’m spending this year in Brisbane studying a Master of International Relations at UQ. And I’m from Catalonia, by the way. Catalonia is a very little country, nowadays part of Spain and France. But right now I’m not gonna go very deep insight about this, but if you subscribe or follow my blog regularly you will get into it. But if you want, you can take a look about that in wikipedia. Oh, maybe it would be easier if I said I come from BARCELONA, isn’t it? Yes, I think so.

Well, now that you know who am I, I’m going to explain you what is going to be this blog. Of course it is going to be about my point of view about Australians! And very particularly about Queenslanders. And if we have to go deeper, about Brisbanites. Yes, let’s face it. Brisbane is not the most exciting city in the world, but it have a lot of wonders, as well. It is impossible to see this green in any way in Barcelona. Or something too easy as going in a ferry through the river as a public transportation… Well, of course in Barcelona we don’t have a river like the Brisbane. But going to uni by ferry is pretty cool! Looking at the stars by night in the inner suburbs is something unthinkable in all the metropolitan area, as well.

Brisbane has its pros, and its cons, as like other city in the world. And Australia as well, so one of the goals of this blog (if it happens, I shave my head) is to connect this two cultures, pretty similar (because we are “civilised” western countries blah blah blah) but in other ways we are light ages one from each other.

Let’s face it! There are not a lot of catalans in Brisbane! And if there are more than the ones of my acquaintance, another goal of this blog is “fer pinya”, that in catalan means “doing pineapple”… Yes, we catalans are nuts.

So, as a starter for this intercultural exchange. This is something you aussies got to learn to do from catalans.


And this is something I really enjoyed yesterday night. Queenslander! Queenslander!



7 thoughts on “Welcome! Benvinguts!

  1. It will be interesting to follow your blog!! Australia from a Catalan point of view… I’m looking foward reading it! 🙂

  2. As far as I am concerned Catalonia is not a country. As you said, if you wish to know learn more you can have look at Wikipedia.

    • Catalonia is a country. But it is not a state, yet. And never use Wikipedia to support a statement, and specially to support this kind of statements in front of a Catalan.

      • You’re right! Catalufos spread their shit all Arround they can, Wikipedia it is not an official knowledge tool. it is used and abused by this kind of nationalist, they will be paid like you (marco) to do that, by el ‘govern’! torna a la teva merda de poble!!! Em fa vergonya que gent com tu sigui encara Española, Referendum ya i Au a la puta calle amb els Catalans!! no pagare les ONG que vagin a Cacalandia, soys la peor Region de España en la que he vivido!!! ojala os echen!!

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